4 Common Mistakes While Choosing a Web Host

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4 Common Mistakes While Choosing a Web Host

We always get lured in when it comes to getting “free” stuff. Although there are legitimately free things and services out there, a free web hosting provider doesn’t exactly share the same sentiments.

You see, a web host runs a server and in that server lies the websites that it “hosts” so that people can access them when they are online (when given the appropriate URL).

Hosting services are not cheap, but getting a top host would always give you a more consistent and reliable service.

That being said, if you still are adamant in getting free services, then here are some common mistakes that you need to be aware of:

1.Searching for ‘Unlimited’

Bandwidth is one of the most important considerations out there when you are looking for a web hosting company. What’s worse is that people who get a hold of free hosting services would also want unlimited bandwidth as well.

To be honest, this is not possible. You see, it is not only you who is going to look for such services. In fact, there could potentially be thousands of other people who want a free hosting service as well.

So, stop dreaming of getting something ‘unlimited’ because it is not going to be a reality.

2.Searching for the “Best”

Do not kid yourself, there is no free web hosting service out there that is going to be the “best”. In other words, not free services can trump the paid solutions.

That being said, stop looking for the best because there is not going to be anything that can substantially go against the top names in the industry, with the likes of BlueHost and InMotion.

3.Failing to Read the Terms of Service

To be honest, there is a lot of hidden information that is usually stipulated in the terms of service and companies can do this, simply because of the fact that the vast majority of people rarely, if ever, read such things.

You might come across stipulations that you are unable to scale up a tier whenever your business requires it or perhaps you are only given limited bandwidth (with only 80% reliability at most), or maybe they just won’t be able to give you a good customer service because they might be servicing “thousands” of other customers.

Look, I know that looking at such a document is kind of a chore, but you should never ignore the terms of service. That is so that you will know what you’re getting into since most people do not read them anyway.

4.Do Not Sign Up Immediately

Especially if you did not read the terms of service. As a consumer, it is in your best interest to look for the reviews of others. Go find reviews from people who have used the service for quite a while and that they can attest to the real thing.

Furthermore, always know the features and the things that you’re going to get when you sign up for such a service.