7 Crucial Event Planning Questions to Ask Your Clients

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7 Crucial Event Planning Questions to Ask Your Clients

1. “What kind of event do you want to organize?”

The answer to this question will lay the foundation of how your client would like to be served. Ask if she is planning to host a birthday party, corporate event, fundraiser or business conference.

2. “What is the purpose of your event?”

Every event manager in Malaysia will ask this question to potential clients during their first meeting. If you don’t know the purpose of the occasion, how can you help the client? The purpose will help you determine the right date and venue for the event.

3. “How much is your budget?”

Know how much your client is willing to spend of the event. No matter how big or small the event is, it is crucial to stick to this budget.

4. “What are your goals? What do you want to achieve with this event?”

Is the client trying to launch a product? Whether she is planning a corporate meeting, or a family reunion, you must know the overall goal of her special occasion. Just like the venue and budget, the event goal will fuel the run of your event management routine.

5. “What venue, time and date are you aiming for?”

Know the event date, time and venue your client has in mind. As a professional event planner, your job is to help her finalize those details. If not, feel free to present more ideas.

6. “How many guests do you want to invite?”

The venue will depend on the event guest list your client wants to achieve.

7. “What theme do you want in mind?”

Every client has different ideas, but one thing is sure in this matter. They all want to be unique. Many clients already have a theme in mind during the first meeting. But, in case your potential client is still clueless, is part of your job to feed her with amazing ideas that will work with her requirements.