7 Interior Design Ideas that Will Instantly Impress Your Guests

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7 Interior Design Ideas that Will Instantly Impress Your Guests

Care to know what the top interior design firms in Malaysia say about improving the
looks of your home? Well, you’re in for a treat!

Today, I am going to share some interior design ideas that will surely impress your
guests the next time they visit your humble abode.

Think About an Open Plan Design

The days of cramming your house with furniture (that you might not even be using) are
over. Adopting a more open-plan design can really help improve the aesthetics of your home.

Basically, what this means is that you will employ measures that will help your home
look more spacious than it actually is. This means that you might have to remove some
of your furnishings in favor of a more elegant look.

Hang Some Pendant Lights

There is no doubt that your choice of lighting can make or break the aesthetics of your
home. That being said, I suggest that you consider getting some pendant lights.

Just make sure that when you are buying pendant lights that you opt for those that have
elegant designs right off the bat. Not only will they provide ample lighting to illuminate
your house but it can certainly trigger some visual focus from your guests as well.

Bring in Some Sheen

Go to flea markets or antique shops to find anything that shines. It can either be bronze
furniture, some crystal accessories, or even some unique decorative pieces that are
made of materials that shine, including stainless steel, brass, among others.

Decorate Your Home with Some Plants

This is good news for every homeowner that doesn’t have a huge budget on their home
makeovers. Buying a large plant can easily help improve the aesthetics of your place
without breaking a sweat.

Plants serve two purposes. One, they can add really nice aesthetics when placed
correctly. And two, they help improve the air quality because they are known to give off
oxygen as a product of photosynthesis.

Cover Your Walls with Art

Treat your wall as your canvas, but do not just place anything cheap that you can find.

Instead, put some thought into it and put up paintings, artwork, or even some artsy wallpapers.
The good thing about wallpapers is that you can either browse some in stores or you
can have a custom-made one if that is what you prefer.

Choose Color that Inspires

You might have heard conflicting information about what color you should use in your
home. On one end, some people would say to opt for subtle colors to make your
furnishings and other accessories shine. On the other, they advocate that you use bold
and punchy colors instead.

Well, I would suggest that you go for a color that inspires. What I mean is that you go for
a color scheme that is not only aesthetically pleasing but it also helps evoke emotion
and motivation to anyone who looks at it.

Go Green

As mentioned earlier, adding plants in your home can instantly help elevate your interior
design. However, you need not only put plants inside of your home, but consider putting
up a garden as well.