Epic Web Designs that will Rule in 2020

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Epic Web Designs that will Rule in 2020

Lively Illustrations

As predicted by many web design agencies, this is going to be the hottest phenomenon in 2020. Amazing artwork from aquarelle and pastel to unusual and modern art that involves characters with enormous bodies and more.

Broken Grids

Grid-based apps. The grid is composed of lines that help keep layout elements in order on the website. You need to start implementing the trendy broken grid technique and setting elements of design chaotically to make your website unique. This strategy will improve the website’s innovative look, and will be the standard in web design for 2020.

Split Content

This web design strategy can allow you to display a single page with more than one important message. That will make your website more appealing and well structured.


White space design is a great way to catch the attention of a user, drive a message home and provide an elegant user experience. Extensive use of white space will be the most exciting web design trends for 2020, attracting attention to the visual hierarchy that means streamlined, stripped-back approach. Unlimited color palettes and lots of space to breathe material on a page will help you get more readers to your website.

3D Designs

The next stunning trend in web design in 2020 will be the use of 3D elements. The gaming industry and the film industry already recognized the importance of 3D graphics. Nor is the web design industry lagging behind. 3D designs are entertaining, and are the best ways to increase the viewers ‘ interest in your brand. This one is breathtaking.

User Centered

As the most important person on any website is the user, user focus will be the biggest web design trend, but many expect user focus to become even more pronounced in 2020. It won’t be a successful move in the future to focus more on what a client needs rather than pushing them to do what you want.

Full Screen Layouts

The main concept trend for this year is the large elements surrounded by generous amounts of white space. Digital forms play an important part in our web interactions, from signing up to a program, to fill in our online store delivery information and much more. And they often feel like a boring chore, and users still refrain from filling in on them. By 2020, creating a contact form that fits the entire screen will become popular. This will promote and simplify the process of submitting forms for web users.

Motion Graphics

Movement is one of the most powerful ways of setting a website apart. Motion graphics are common among users of our website. Short in length and it takes less time to load the site as compared to photographs of straight motion. Not only add spunk and persona to your overall brand when these motion graphics are well executed, but also the integrated animations, GIFs and custom illustrations can help illustrate what you stand for and tell your story in a cool, clear and confident way.

Voice User Interface

Voice UI (VUI) enables clients to use voice commands to communicate with a website. With a huge number of gadgets hosting intelligent virtual assistants such as Siri, Google Now and Cortana, more people embrace voice over content. Going into the future VUI will improve the UX, making surfing and trading online simpler than ever before.

Bold Colors

Brands are seeking to stand out among a sea of online competitors, with more website owners continuing to adopt bold and bright colors. Brilliant and dark colors are immersive, and can be used by many online brands to grab attention. The use of those colors would represent rising consumer technology sophistication. Most consumers carry ultra powerful smartphones that are capable of displaying amazing eye-catching imagery.