4 Great Content Marketing Examples that You Can Also Use in Affiliate Marketing

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4 Great Content Marketing Examples that You Can  Also Use in Affiliate Marketing

For a time, people assume that content marketing and affiliate marketing is one and the
same. Although there are some striking similarities, there are also some glaring differences as well.

Content marketing is basically the creation of an online brand and that will be used as a platform to create content with the intention of establishing a wide audience. That is the reason why blogs are quite commonplace these days. In fact, businesses that have their own blogs on their websites enjoy 126% more lead growth than those who do not.

It has also evolved thanks to the growth of email list building and the widespread use of social media. So in essence, content creators are no longer limited to just having their own blogs just to get started.

What About Affiliate Marketing?

The main reason why people assume that content marketing is just the same as affiliate marketing is due to the creation of content with an intention to gain a wide audience base.

Affiliate marketing is somewhat the same, but content creators make content basically to help them earn commissions. And, with the use of paid ads and automated social media scheduling tools, content creators can make sure that they enjoy huge internet traffic as a result.

How to Get Better Results

What makes affiliate marketing interesting is that you pretty much have the freedom to create whatever content you want to gain an audience. However, not all content is the same when it comes to traction. Which types of content do you think are the ones that are being consumed by most people? Here are some examples:

1. Tutorials

They say that videos are possibly the best content pieces that content creators can make in this day and age. And, to maximize that, you can create tutorials that teach people how to do certain things.

Make-up tutorials are all the rage these days and that can be attributed to the fact that we always want to look great each and every day.

Of course, just about any tutorial is valuable so long as your clear with your instructions and that you are not too ‘in your face’ with your affiliate marketing strategy.

2. Product Review

Believe it or not, a lot of people are willing to spend money but they just need a little bit of convincing before they will bite the bullet.

Product reviews provide you with an avenue to convince your readers to click on your affiliate links and buy the products that are on there.

Now, to make a really good product review, you must have firsthand experience with the products that you review. This is so that you know how the product works and what your experiences are when using it.

Say its advantages but do not forget to highlight the things that you do not like as well. It may sound counterintuitive, but trust me when I say that people want an honest product review.

To be honest, your partner companies really do not care how you do your affiliate marketing campaign so long as you get a lot of people to buy their products.

3. Product Comparison

People are always on the lookout for product reviews but the problem with the nature of the content is that you are only talking about one product. Wouldn’t it be great if there is a way for people to actually compare similar products all in one?

Well, that is where product comparisons come in. That is basically a certain type of content where you kind of talk about the main points of a couple of similar products so that your viewers can easily make a purchase decision.

4. Case Study

Although product reviews are great, it would be better if you can actually provide tangible results to your audience by giving them before and after photos. That is essentially what a product case study is.

By proving to them that a certain product is indeed effective and you have the proof to show for, you will invariably convince people to reach for the ‘add to cart’ button almost immediately.