6 Things You Must Do Right After Launching Your WordPress Site

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6 Things You Must Do Right After Launching Your WordPress Site

1. Improve website security.

Protect your website from malware, hacker attacks and viruses. There are plenty of bad things that can happen to your WordPress blog.Integrating a firewall on your website is always a good idea. One of the best WordPress security tools you can explore is Sucuri. It offers efficient malware cleanup, malware detection and tracks your website for hacks. This can also mitigate DDoS attacks.

2. Activate caching.

How can you keep your visitors on you website? Aside from hiring a top host in Malaysia, focus on caching. Always remember that speed is a major factor that can affect traffic and audience. According to study done my Kissmetrics, if a page takes more than 3 seconds to load, 40% of visitors abandon it. Install a good caching plugin to avoid this.

3. See to it that you are highly visible on Google and other search engines.

Whether you are a personal blogger or an online entrepreneur, you should pay attention to your brand’s online visibility. After launching your WordPress platform, one of the first things you must do is to allow search engines to index it. In most cases, there is no need for you to set this up yourself, since WordPress can take care of it. However, it wouldn’t hurt to check if every detail is in order.

4. Change the website’s basic information.

Change the website’s tagline, favicon, time zone and title. Eliminate all the placeholders. Now that your website is up, it’s time to focus on having your own identity and branding. Google and other search engines would very much appreciate that. To accomplish this, just go to the WordPress dashboard, and then head to Settings/General.

5. Install a reliable backup plugin.

Good backup plugins can help keep your website information secure and safe. Just in case something bad happens, you must restore your website to its former working state.

6. Use Google Analytics.

This is a popular and effective marketing and tracking tool that most website owners use. It monitors your website visitors and their actions while browsing your website. This platform can provide you with details about your website visitors and content.